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9 books that inspire Elon Musk

When someone asked Elon Musk how he could build missiles, he simply answered, “I read”. The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien: The New Yorker reveals when loneliness, technology billionaire Elon Musk read many science fiction and fantasy. These books, especially The Lord of the Rings, shaped his vision of his future.Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide […]

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“Mommy, how was i born?” – Authur Robins

It is always difficult to deal with gender related issues, especially when your children are still too young.Parents are often not so open when their children talk about gender issues. Questions like, “How are boys and girls different?”, “Where was i born?”, “Why didn’t dad give birth to me instead of mom?” … are often […]

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‘One Punch Man’ by Yusuke Murata

The work of duo authors One and Yusuke Murata is a new breeze of fresh air and a big breakthrough in Japanese superhero comics. One-Punch Man takes place in Z City, a fantasy Japanese-world where monsters dominate. When humanity stands on the brink of extinction, Saitama always wants to be a superhero. He made a […]

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“Buddenbrook” by Mann – The boundary between art and decadent pre-war times

“Buddenbrook” is Mann novelist’s first novel, it was completed when he was 26 years old (admirable). 800 pages of four Buddenbrook families spanning the German context throughout the nineteenth century (not yet united, but also a “statehood”, according to the introduction at the beginning of the book). These are people of the bourgeoisie, born, grown […]

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The mystery surrounding the book written by Satan

There are many mysterious books in the world that we are still trying to decipher but have not been successful. One of the most mysterious  books is the Devil’s Book, or Codex Gigas, which is said to be written by Satan himself.The book was written in the 13th century and is now on display at the […]

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10 best-selling books on Amazon in 2016

Despite controversy, the sequel to the story of Harry Potter is still the best selling book on Amazon last year. 1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K Rowling. Despite being criticized by both critics and fans for its critique, the piece remained a hit in terms of sales as the best-selling book […]

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Ever wondered about your true self?

Have you ever wondered yourself: Who am I?Most of us have always been disoriented and do not know who we are, why we are in the present. But some people are determined to find the answer for yourself, ask as a question but never answer. We are all alike friends, we were born in the […]