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DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (2013) : The lonely cactus in the desert

Over the years since the heyday of the cowboy movies in the 40s, 50 up for now, the cowboy image still appears both in the novel, the movie, still brings inspiration , a great attraction for people throughout the generations, becoming a characteristic culture, an important part of the American soul.

But why should the American cowboy spell?
I think though at times “chaos” old or new, they still are the ideal type is beyond the constraints of the law and the government, to help people satisfy every wish that society, which public justice, bureaucratic law can not be performed.

Exact words and the fact that Ron Woodroof not cowboys. He is an electrician guy bull riding preferences. Even he’s not a nice cute electrician to viewers empathize.
Ron brutal, violent, rebellious, racist and color, gay discrimination, as women are just a recreational toy. “Dallas Buyers Club” does not mitigate, avoid or deny said molasses to our main character that seemed ready for the viewer to see a Ron obnoxious, one who is far from a hero or protagonist.

But can not deny he has the personality of a western cowboy true, a classic American character: strong, passionate, courageous, independent, self-reliance, self-confidence and life-style stamping anyone’s way, enterprising and especially full of keen survival instincts.
Ron is willing to do everything from deceit, illegal to do up against the absurdity of the intensity gap rights, law, not from an extreme action to try to survive out of danger even for a day .

Ron is a loose-living man, like drinking water, medicines burning all day, inhaled drugs and prostitutes do not take protective measures. There pleasures that Ron did not play, except man. After an accident at work, Ron was taken to hospital and accidentally learn they are HIV-positive. The doctor announced that he would likely die within 30 days. As usual when a patient receiving bad news will have to go through the five stages of grief, Ron received the news by denying her the HIV. In the press center “naive” Ron said only “gay floods, bong lo” was the new dreaded disease.

Emotionally dissipated memories, Ron realized his possible ill truth, he broke out rage and left the hospital. Followed by the third phase – concerning hope can prolong or delay the death of the patient. Now to a swaggering man not afraid not afraid of the land as Ron sun always know fear, must shudder before God praying desperately:
“I have to slow it down. I do not want to get into a corner that die. He hear? I’m not ready. If he is up there, please listen to me. Give me a chance…”

But instead of continuing to fall into a state of depression, grief and weeping finally understand and accept death comes, the wayward nature of Ron and emerge heroic. Both movies have a scene right because he was crying and feeling tired but Ron temporarily surrendered and never sit still confined to death.
Do not get on the list of patients tested, the drug AZT Ron bribe hospital staff to steal drugs. Drug test ends and sealed it again dabbling into Mexico to find Ron doctor Vass, who long ago had been recovered by care in the United States to smuggle drugs across the US have not been licensed for themselves and other patients to use. Police confiscated the drugs to other countries and stealing prescription doctor’s Eve.

“Over the life of every human being, most of us only use so much as a fraction of the capabilities of their own depths which otherwise have the opportunity and not be searching for, it will not appear or we even not even know it exists in ourselves. “

Ron is like a desert cactus desert, desire to live and his survival instincts will only be revealed when cornered, when there is no escape. And not merely wedged live underground, this life is temporary but also dare to face life boldly as succulents opposite scorching sun the other. Viewers know that Ron would never be subjugated. Even being sheltered, fight for their rights in an impartial not calculated for the people that hate their past.

Through Rayon (Jared Leto plays) a transgender woman, Ron acquainted with the LGBT community (including gay, bisexual, transgender …) – formerly a dream he never thought about to drug trafficking for profit. Illness or death at any time without forgetting not fun to make money, the generosity, love of life, her freedom in truth that many people envy healthy.

The second half of the film which is a strange journey of Ray and community Rayon between gays and then the founders of the Dallas Buyers Club to sell drugs for patients with HIV. A relationship is not romance (emotional men and women) nor bromance (brotherhood, comrades) but beautiful and touching, naturally surprised. Whether it’s a strong person to where everyone will be a moment of weakness. Then they need friends to lean on the side because no one can survive alone. Ron and Rayon too. They have intense vitality than anyone. And they will always be together in the war on their own. Rayon can be born without the lower body of a woman, but she has admitted and graceful instincts of a woman: the ability to change a man, make him better and promote their forte. Ron has changed, changed a lot, the audience no longer recognize a film Ron annoyed at the top again.

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey were too great in “Dallas Buyers Club” including acting and physical sacrifice for art. No recognition in a pompous McConaughey, wind and dust through the physical body emaciated, skinny, skinny after losing 23kg for filming. But the spirit in the eyes, the voice, a local peasant Texas still there and with movies too. The incarnation and the emotions that the audience think that films like this are made for him so. Since 2010 Matthew McConaughey last naturally molt into a different person, no longer the bland comedy easy to see that flourish too easy to forget the real with The Lincoln Lawyer, Mud and Dallas Buyers Club especially … In the other side, Jared Leto has just returned after a four year absence, the film faced a real challenge: he must reduce weight and dress 15 dressed as a transgender woman. But look Leto plays Rayon easily see the movie talents innate romantic singer this guy. Rayon character really makes the viewer sympathize coast and there is a feeling hard to describe.

The scenario of “Dallas Buyers Club” based on a true story in the context of 1985, when HIV / AIDS has caused millions of deaths world wobble
Ron Woodroof true in real life before he died in 1992 (7 years after being diagnosed HIV-positive) was able to Craig Borten writer interviewed many documents and valuable information. Over nearly 20 years, a new script was put into a film that follows 87 times rejected by the studios and many couples director-actor Marc Foster & Brad Pitt or Ryan Gosling Craig Gillespie & Jared Leto … even 15 years before also received this scenario but not as busy filming action to “Requiem for a Dream” and “American Psycho”. It is a blessing for those who love the movie, just a small impact in the past can also greatly affect the future so movies. It is difficult to think that Pitt and Gosling will be more or at least as McConaughey or horizontal what Leto did.

Without using shocking images, “Dallas Buyers Club” is still a sad drama heavily and left the viewer many thoughts, haunting, emotional but not only that, the life of Ron Woodroof also as the foundation for director Jean-Marc Vallée mentions the persistent problem of society 80 years: AIDS, incurable diseases, capitalism, sexual storm, the agency specified injustice government bureaucracy … Each topic will be invested and the standard touch just enough to know that viewers are not heavy dogma, knowledge. In terms of engineering, “Dallas Buyers Club” is an independent film is simple: five million dollar budget, filmed in 25 days, do not set the light, the studio complex, only correct a handheld camcorder single is used. But the results are excellent: the script to make hands, excellent acting, attractive theme, perfect film, directed by exemplary. A poem about a cactus in the desert are not alone, that looks rough but thorny flowers wildly beautiful, intense and strange.

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