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HOLIDAY CUSTOM XS650: harmony between hard and soft

Appearing from the decade 30-40 of the twentieth century, it was a model for the oldest car in history. These are mainly the bobber when he builds on the car’s systems Harley Davidson, Indian, Triumph, Norton … When you have a certain stage of development, starting with the bobber differentiation, influenced by many due to the diverse elements of the system chassis, engine … and most basic is the local culture and enjoy the different bobber transformers born.

Two representatives of cultural influence to the world’s largest vehicle can then be referred to the old continent of Europe, and the United States. Although all be integrated into the segment bobber, variations at this car brings a lot of distinction. Bobber in Europe, own design and exquisite light, omitted maximum vehicle equipment, together with the small details, elegant and two rim before – after the large diameter (up to 19 or 21 inches in front and 18 inches at the rear to). Engines installed on European bobber is also quite diverse, ranging from single cylinder, twin, to some versions use the German Boxer. The American bobber is also quite typical for the culture and the people here, bigger, faster, have more panache. A bobber can be regarded as typical for the American spirit often V-Twin – specialty engine of indigenous peoples – the same system extended handlebars, rims before the next mentoring small – on average, but using tires to large-sized. My bobber styling also superficial and rather saucy, sometimes brings more chrome. However, the traditional advantages of not helping Europe and US representatives bobber lasted so long its heyday, before the competition from Asia.

To the early 1970s, the explosion of the motor Japanese brand has made the face of industry change dramatically. The cult cars like CB – Series of Honda, XS – or SR Series – Series of Yamaha … quickly won the hearts of the faithful around the world love cars. They are cheaper, have more reliable and more diverse conservative designs of the US or Europe. This boom led many longstanding automakers gradually fall into recession, and create momentum for the development of Japanese cars until today. The majority of these vehicles are called by the name UJM (Universal Japanese Motorcycle).

On its development stage, the vehicles came from the land of the rising sun has also recognized representatives have the greatest impact, such as CB 750, Kawasaki H1, Suzuki GS or Yamaha XS 650. In particular, the XS 650, parallel with CB 750 (previous generation 1979 SOHC engine used) is one of the most popular car embryos in the car world. With the system chassis and engines beautiful, reasonable rates with good kinetics capabilities, the mid-size Yamaha XS has a great ability to customize, suitable for many different configurations, such as: Flat Tracker, Scrambler, Cafe Racer … in particular, the XS 650 is also extremely attractive when applied texture Brat, who was born in the home of this model. However, despite being under a lot of change different design, the XS 650 the “looks” unpopular bobber lovers, especially bobber “oldschool” Europe. So do not have too many variations of this car bobber appear, as well as notable. However, the XS 650 comes from an exception Holiday Customs excellence.

Holiday Customs, owned by Jared Johnson, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA. In his workshop, Jared was the only one performing all processes when conducting vehicle edit. Although newly formed only about 3 years ago, Holiday Custom has achieved certain successes, and especially famous for XS 650 variations systematically bobber-inspired frame the Schwinn bike.

Basically, the XS 650 the “Schwinn” Holiday Customs born in strong negative effects from European bobber, with a minimalist design and lightness. The whole side of the vehicle frame is removed to get to the custom base for traditional hardtail system rigid frame, do not use rear shock absorber, the bobber.

However, different from the usual pattern bobber rigid frame, rigid frame structure that Jared was created inspired Schwinn bicycle, so part of the vehicle frame parts are adjusted cracked bend rather stiff style old through metal complex operations. However, to ensure the geometry of the car is “in sync”, part of the XS frame should also be amended in part to create a cohesive definition for rear claws. This design makes the XS becomes distinctive with the rigid frame, the soft and the car is built on the embryos of the Japanese – an excellent acculturation.

In order to keep vehicles harmonious layout, Jared crafted a new gas tank for cars teardrop shape. Other details such as the steering wheel is also part bend throughout. In the car, he installed a set of rims 21 “” parcel “from a Honda, with tires Avon Speedmaster MKII. Part rear wheels using the original 18 “of the XS, combined with the tires Firestone Deluxe Champion.

With Holiday Customs, this is not the first XS 650 complete with frame system, “Schwinn” is. Previously, they had manipulated the XS similar units. But this time, Jared decided to bring the innovation breakthrough, when he saw a bike with fenders section made entirely of wood.

The decision to make quality wooden Holiday Customs boss must be familiar with the operation, new experience never before. Jared took “a little” time to find a suitable wood: wood style. Then he made the relatively rare technique of bending the vehicle as wood, planed and stained. However, a well-deserved result, the 650 XS has owned a pair of wooden fenders unique.

Electronic details minimize crystal to keep the vehicle has the look “minimalism”. Electric starter is “cut”, along with the battery. Exhaust is a model “Straight Pipe”, ie not using silencer pipes, making breathing of the rougher XS purest way possible. Of course, dual exhaust tips are also similar meticulously bending mold car designs, and Jared did not forget to complete them with highlights from natural streaks created by the impact of heat.

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