How to wear in the Wet Cold on Spring?

The  cold of early spring in the North is one of the most unpleasant weather patterns. Moisture vapor in the air conditioned was woven into clothing in layers, though the temperature is not too low, but who do you frostbite. The drizzle poured all day do not seem to have a dry time, the muddy roads by mud.

All these things are made beautiful clothes you have to shout. They are easy to get dirty, moldy, muddy and wet. However, do not worry, Mann will help you dressed up even in this kind of unpleasant weather.

A short and simple, stylish want to survive in the rainy season should be waterproof and moisture resistant. These two factors will be focused around the material, color, style, clothing, accessories, leather goods and maintenance since rain map.


You should restrict the use of products made from nature. Natural fibers such as cotton fabric, linen … but good to keep warm but very absorbed moisture, mold worse. Jackets and sweaters even potentially moldy. We only with the type of dry weather of winter.

Ideally, you should avoid this kind of clothing is made with the material and find the products with a waterproof surface. This surface layer moisture will just stop infringement, both wind and water resistant adhesive little help you can easily wipe drizzle also be with a paper towel.

Types of cloth

Finding a satisfactory Windbreaker actually not difficult. Except for the hair, the hat should avoid the water is completely suitable for cold and wet weather in the north: Moderate rain cover was still warm and still to an area wide laminated map.

The waterproof leather products as well, but remember them as human skin, can not be immune to moisture. If hydrophobic leather coat, wipe with a paper towel and allow to dry naturally.

These materials such as skins and furs are not only beautiful but also very suitable for keeping warm, but to preserve them is not easy, including the factors the temperature, humidity, sunlight and even with the who has not experienced it each time you want less fragrant laundry once scared.

With the jacket and rainwear, the length of the bodice and sleeves should cover fully the inner layer. When wear on the outside, they are the savior for the beautiful dress inside when you are outdoors. If the suit sought the “ceiling” in this weather, you will get wet and both sleeves and collar, not to mention blazer jacket always need care and rolling dust regularly to ensure the beauty and elegance of the materials. Only ignorant people new to them moist and soiled with dirt stains shot this season.

If the beautiful shapes or thin, tall jimp and brave enough, you can wear a gown (cape / cloak). We meet the principles of the vests is outside the cover of the spring, on the cover as to whether a certain time walking, the rain did not bother you.

Particularly in fact in Vietnam – the country prefer motorcycles than cars, should be covered coat to the knee, in the case raincoat not protect your pants stop at a red light, at least long coat will cover partly rain. Not stopping there, the kind of cloak (cape or cloak) like this has not been popular in Vietnam should be very appropriate if the wearer wants to highlight.


When the rainy season, shoes should be more interested in clothes. Do not be afraid to spend a decent amount of money to buy a good pair of shoes to cope with extreme weather, such as a durable pair of high boots while they can go months Shasha shielding both parts bear populations.

Speaking of artificial materials, a rubber-soled footwear would be very appropriate if you just want comfort and beauty. Some establishments selling quality European shoes in Vietnam also recommended rubber coated substrate coated underneath the skin or wooden soles of leather shoes to ensure durability.

Say no to the kind of sneaker, even stockings will also drenched …

Pay attention to scarves and hats. Towels always a great accessory for those cold winter days. However, they are products that are more in keeping warm is protected, if damp, towel-causing agents will become great feeling. Your jacket should have a hat or carry an umbrella, who knows when you’ll have to walk.

Either way you should not wear sportswear to the street. Maybe I do not need to say why anymore.


Bad weather should wear dark, damp stains or tears are more prominent in light-colored fabrics. Not to mention the rain mud, apparently only the white shirt can yellowing, stain, dirt was black, the more difficult to recognize.

Never forget the clothes born to serve man. As the weather became increasingly harsh, ask yourself the habit to buy and wear new use standards is important. “Fashion thundered weather” is particularly silly, do not need to spend time analyzing the long lines we also recognize the justification for it is only honorable blood and hide the fact that the speaker did not have enough clothes to seasonal wear. Of course we still have the right to wear whatever they like, as long as not against the law, and health also have the right to do anything it wants to see you appear indifferent.

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