Midnight In Paris (2011) – The magic of modern cinema

British novelist Angela Carter once wrote: “The city also has gender: men London, Paris and New York woman is a transgender man adaptable.”
There is something indescribable about his feeling blankly drop midday sunlight helped calm gold as European honey awkward slanting through narrow window shade of the ancient cafes and crowded.

In his dreams my day existence a romantic Paris as a high school girl with old childhood tree-lined boulevards, street artists put out guidance or accordion pull of lovers kissing fire burns forget life. Or a tranquil her Venice, older age of 40 with interlaced with canals and gondola Prague beloved woman fascinating about all angles as a talented woman integrity.

In her daydream, if Woody Allen is a guy taking pictures and “Midnight in Paris” is a portrait of the young girl he was taken to Paris, I was secretly in love with her just trot through that little picture.

Allen opens the movie with a three-minute long intro clip as a Best-of animated postcards of beautiful sites and most characteristic of Paris – Paris looming natural star in the jazz close guidance reserved “Si Tu Vois Ma Mère “Sidney Bechet’s. This is a song dedicated and reminiscent of Paris, and vice versa, do not ask me why it is so simple because it is a feeling aroused strong senses can not explain in words.

Turn in three-minute public appearance was the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, the Champs-Élysées, Moulin Rouge windmill with red, Notre Dame Cathedral, Pont Alexandre III, Concorde Square, Tuileries Palace, Arc de Triomphe , Louvre Museum, who locked love, café Fouquet’s, the Opéra national de Paris, Square Trocadéro, subway line number six … the scenery was just turns flip through cameras placed static reminds me opening five minutes to Manhattan in the background music Rhapsody in Blue (Gerschwin) – a fairly typical for the style of Woody Allen.

Paris in the yellow film, radiating a warm light and suggestive each scene: cloudy sky, the roads shiny reflecting the sun, the houses with ancient architectural or gentle rain as caressing the pedestrian … A love song written from the heart to honor Allen real beauty of Paris.

More and more there are complaints and frustrations of Paris tourists. What part of that is true, but I think the main reason was because they came in too high expectations Paris. Even the definition of the term “traveler” also has said it all went the way people discover and enjoy the world – when I go to a completely new place, I do not want to do that let’s tourists try to do a tour, integrated and immersive atmosphere there as a native speaker for comments. Not necessarily by the same operator overloading to places tourists.

Paris is not the city of fairy – because fairy exists only in the movies only. Paris imperfectly beautiful and she herself has many bad qualities but it is important appendage crossed we can look beyond the ugliness and open ourselves to the more beautiful things are not.

Like me or you, the protagonist Gil (Owen Wilson plays) in “Midnight in Paris” by Woody Allen always troubled by the beauty of Paris passionate, I love Paris in the second unconditional love of a new blind fools in love first stumbled. Being a romantic writer, Gil likes walking in the rain and always dreamed of a beautiful Paris more than a century ago. Well, every human we all tend more or less nostalgic, but the disease was in Gil “heavy” than others a little.

He and his girlfriend Inez (Rachel McAdams plays) love each other but that love can not match well unconditional love there. Ruminates see, Gil is a hand written scripts successful career in Hollywood, but not happy that his dream is to complete his first novel his unfinished – with the hope of being joined to the throne the fame of the American great writer.

Inez is the opposite, a rich lady blonde, pragmatic and bland. It was said long-term lovers they need not share hobbies, just the same hate the same things. But two of them did not share the ball well and dislikes contract hobby – two parallel worlds with no collision or contact points. When I look Inez and Gil, I do not question ever they will break up, what I wonder is how two such different people may have feelings for each other at first and lasting love until this hour.

Anyone think of a period of “golden” and wants to be born, to live forever in time. But actually history is always more beautiful painting in the eyes posterity, then realized just a nostalgic illusion and nothing more. People of any age also look to nostalgia to imagine, escape from reality and the sad reality pulls us back. Like Gil, though successful in work and life, but he feels struggled, hated reality and think you have to belong to the golden age of the previous day. Alas, when the stage of the Roaring twenties year, he shocked the artists here present and looking forward disgusted remember the Belle Époque. Go to the Belle Époque, the artists of the time day and night the great Renaissance silk was deeper in the past.

I imagined myself as a self-Gil’s 100 years later, disgusted reality and look forward to a time far away in mind – the era of the young people with ambitious as we are. Does our generation is capable of making dreams progeny class as the past 100 years has done to himself, or class posterity will see our era too boring and sick?

The novel is written about Gil to a man opened antique shop because he wants to live forever in the past, during the period he thought he belonged. Like how Allen creates characters like Gil instead of words to say to myself, is satisfied relive the 20s in Paris, France’s gorgeous. Fictional elements here only as a background for a romantic story – Allen did not even try to explain expressed the fantasy elements, incongruous in the movie because ultimately this is a film to satisfy but crazy dreams like all his other films.

So nearly every night in the church of Saint-Étienne-du-Mont Sainte-Geneviève on the hill Montagne (left bank of the Seine), fate brought aboard the Peugeot Landaulet Gil born in 1920 about the past, where he did not dream dare imagine I’ll see and interact with life as modern idols American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway’s great writer, painter surrealist Salvador Dali, Luis Buñuel director, painter Pablo Picasso, the American novelist Gertrude Stein … and especially Adrina fictional character (played by Marion Cotillard).

In the film of Picasso muse Adriana, but she was quick to sympathize with the guy fondly, fun Gil – a kind of heroine besides the typical male in Allen’s films: instability, sexy, attractive guide, fun and pretty self-absorbed. Gil also has feelings and connect with young girls immediately but he also realized something: Adriana deny the reality of what she equally him – if Gil dreams of the coveted 1920 shall Adriana’s Belle Époque When both the 1890s to the 1890s on, the writers and artists of the time to regret a peak of Titian Renaissance and Michelangelo. Adriana Gil as a mirror helps to understand that, even though at the time I do, that’s not the main cause of the issues and problems of his own, the past always beautifully adorned than the present.

I can see the Woody Allen character Gil especially like the new so he deserves a happy ending – something rare in his films. Gil Allen for an opportunity to learn, thus awakening to change, mastering his fate. Gil dimly see something that is clear in my head, that the true reality is disappointing really, but that’s life, do not always achieve what you want as well. What he is going through really nice but it’s not true, and once there is no truth, it would not have ended successfully. I just had to accept and adapt to reality – or will be eliminated and isolation. Gil farewell Inez, moved to Paris to live in order to focus on writing books – he turned his life into a different direction, harder, harder to guess, but that’s what he wants. And each of us should too.

Speaking of acting, Woody Allen always choose those who can not face the brightest at the present time but always real with her role as a tailor-made suits, a kind of makes him just self However, his lead role can make the audience feel her character credible. Although Owen Wilson did not like but I have to admit he has assumed too good to steer his role in the story. Marion Cottilard still excellent as always with eyes, looks, gestures are very sexual. A weakest sure to mention Rachel McAdams with trying to be a role that I hated but what she brought have not touched the feelings of viewers hate.

“Midnight in Paris” Woody Allen brought back to the top level of the 90s with the “Bullets Over Broadway” and “Sweet and Lowdown” The Purple Rose of Cairo or of 1985. Like-style photography, there was shooting Studio pictures with a backdrop of the famous landmarks around the world, Allen’s films always gives me such a feeling – not simply the context, is a normal rotation where each scene is like a plate backdrop featuring the city name on the stickers.

Like the moment at midnight, the movie is magical wonders of modern cinema, where the colors lose their solipsistic which became xam gray colors, where everything begins to reveal the mask mine. Like Paris at night, if the day it is lit by the sun, when darkness to overflow, Paris Paris became pure as ever with inner light shine brightly.

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