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Read “Teacher man” by Frank Mc.Court

I still think the best stories often come from the fact, and was told by the experience of each person. Since then, we brought in what most real, the most obvious, and also easy to move people the most. Mentor (original name: Teacher Man) Frank McCourt is one such story. Unlike Angela’s Ashes (ash of Angela, the translation of the Publishing House for Women) and ‘Tis – the autobiography tells of childhood or the early years of his in New York, the book tells the story of more than three decades his teaching an extremely close and realistic, It’s depicting a portraits of the master.

Frank McCourt’s life is the day vicissitudes chain – in fact, he did not begin his career as a good teacher. McCourt seemed to exist on every corner of life, except for teaching: “If there is a circle, I have never belonged to it. I prowled outside “. Mix of Irish and American elements, speech sound marked by both regions, he spent a lot of work and hard before you can find yourself on the podium. With more than 33,000 classrooms, 12,000 students were his instructions, McCourt taught diligently. He taught the day, night, summer; teach basic English to immigrants, teach vocational schools; He encouraged his students to study the assessment of restaurants, cookbooks, folklore as much as poems and novels.

McCourt way of teaching is a difference with all education time, and perhaps even education in Vietnam at present. He was reprimanded for giving his students “the idea that they should not have”, when instead of lectures on traditional grammar with small stories and understandable. Although sometimes, along with a reminder of another, he told himself, “Tighten. Organization. Concentrate”; but along with his devotion, he turned back to the narrator, comparing fairy tales with television programs, encourages his students freely associate about poems, urging them to find Read literature in relation to everyday life.

Do not just stop at the teaching profession, the story of McCourt’s autobiography was a young teacher, overcome prejudices and old conceptions of teaching and schools to help their students – those those rebellious and full of problems in life. Stories of individual cases in the book is the story of McCourt warmth: As Serena, 15-year-old girl whose authors introduced to Shakespeare, leaves school because her mother was arrested and her was sent to Georgia to live with her grandmother.

Finally a classmate received a letter from the Serena, just to tell McCourt that she “will complete high school and go to college and teach the children.” Or the story of Ken, the son of Korean immigrants, who resent his father’s ambitious him when he decided to go to Stanford, Harvard or MIT instead as his father had hoped. “He appeared at my classroom door a few days before Christmas and told me that I helped him get through the last years of high school,” McCourt wrote. “At one time he had a dream to go into a dark alley with his father and only one of them will come out. Is he, of course, but at Stanford, he started thinking about his father, who came from Korea, working day and night selling fruit and vegetables while barely enough English to pass day, trying desperately for their children to get the education he never had in Korea “.

Interspersed with hidden psychological inhibition in the nervous and his shy, McCourt writes about people with the sentiments come from the heart. A great teacher his heart.

The book as a photo album, the photos of his teaching process interwoven with his childhood in Ireland, and his early years in New York. The teacher brought in elements of two previous memoirs, giving the reader the feeling vaguely familiar about those things. Sometimes it allows the reader to feel everything is close, then allowed himself lost in the line of thinking, and found the story for yourself in a corner somewhere. How to write a rich melodious tunes and blotted out the distance between the dialogue with the rest of the book has also contributed to the book becomes more attractive and charming. Book though idyllic and simple from the front page, but on each occasion will immerse you turn the page, then you will discover that I have read to the last page.

McCourt’s story takes place in the US, with the context and factors that are very different from Vietnam readers. But somewhere, I believe that the teacher is a story that readers easily accepted. Because in the shadow of the Teacher in the book, readers will find the silhouette of the teacher, the teacher’s own: the people are dedicated to take power since his student life even more difficult . And also because in this book, readers will find themselves at a certain point in the game shirt color, and do not what McCourt’s what we often dreamed of at school it? Society desperately needs the teachers know dispel fears the left margin of the blackboard to bring understanding motivation, encouraging creative spirit of freedom where every student, every citizen of the future progress. That is probably the model mentor that any society always expected.

Frank McCourt have departed this world in 2009, leaving a precious literary heritage, a heritage education and also more voluminous. Like the teacher, the teacher we love, then they will also have to go. But what they left for us, and will continue to be stored, and transmitted for later generations, even until both they and we have got to forget the world exists…just like this book.

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