Si On Avait Besoin d’une – great album of progressive rock

I never seriously rock when it is expressed in French, the language of romance and gentle sophistication that seems too difficult to express with almost all genres of Rock, in harmony drums, guitar, bass … with the French, the music we listen to one of the ineptitude volcal and music. There’s that Italian (Italiano Progressivo Rock) or Germany (Krautrock) Prog Rock music has labeled his own, but it did not like that in France.

But of course, anything there are exceptions. Harmonium is the exception, progressive folk rock band from Canada has really made me remove my prejudices. And when avait besoin d’album Si On une cinquieme Saison become one of the album’s favorite Progressive Rock music, I realized that the French in the marvelous subtlety of language and pronunciation, the proud and beautiful, only the enchanting simplicity of the new Progressive Rock can be used to make the audience mesmerized. Not many people do what the French do Harmonium.

“If we need 5th season” with a mix of Jazz Piano, guitar folk musique ascoustic of exquisite voice and mesmerizing, progressive with bright timbre and lyrical Piano, classic music and voice Flute, Clarinet , Harp …. A great conjugates. It offers great performance starts with imaginative names, making the album for the weight of the charm. 5 seasons, 5th, nonverbal season, the season of endless wandering. If concertos of Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons, or The Seasons collection of music for piano of Tchaikovski in classical music is the perfect song to describe the beauty of the rotation period of the year avait besoin Si On Cinquieme Saison d’une absolutely can compare its equivalent position in the line of Progressive Rock, always in every collection on the album “masterpiece” of rock of all time.

Tell the world that has five seasons, which is the fifth season of the imagination. The album contains five songs, beginning with the spring with songs Vert (Green). Flute opening hours fascinating, it pulled a man went into the spell of four seasons heaven and earth (titles Manrai writer Sandor). Folk music characterized – jazz, simple, delicate and sensitive. Spring glide, in the music we feel the chilly breath of fresh color of youth, of a bright blue.

Music is music album transboundary, transnational, is a common voice of heaven and earth full of peace with inspiring singing of Fiori – Canadian singer, so I do not need to know French, or read the lyrics to realizing the value of each season through the melody. Dixie is the 2nd song of summer music, sound great Ascoustic full strokes sounded playful light strokes of the sky, as if to make us dance to the music. Nietsche once said “Those who can not listen to music all look the guys dancing is crazy”, because the music itself bring in their internal forces want to extract out and passed to the listener. A folk song melodies evoke America, short and simple.

But bold tone Prog to start from Depuis l’Automne. The music subsided, flute again emerged on the night hours of piano, clarinet and harp harmony into a classic bar forever and sad. Just through this music, saw Harmonium really comparable to Genesis, Pink Floyd, Yes in harmony to make up for the eternal vibration enjoying soul. nearly 11 minutes to experience the wordless melodies extremely subtle and profound to pass east En Pleine Face Color (On full Face). Tone 1 sagged further, the winter of sadness, exuded through every note. Harmony dark shades. Fast and slow drift seasons depending on the feeling of every person, including the stretch of the fall is the highlight of the sophistication and reflection. Harmonium gave us the 5th season, the season of the imagination, no words can express the season is histoire sans Parole (History without words) as the name of the track, the track is the endless flow of sound mixing. We close their eyes and imagine themselves in the brain through the different strata of the modalities and the harmony of music to see the 5th season of the surreal illusion. Progressive quality album that smothering both become stronger through the seasons, so that the final track, it makes those who love this genre must sobbing because beauty and deep.

If we need a fifth season, it will be like? Harmonium in its melodies description tells us that such a 5th season, not words, full of fantasy where every person automatically figure out for themselves, to mark in a different dimension , 5th season appears, the more time, or is recalculated, nobody knows, just knows that in addition to the Spring, Summer East, there is a season sans paroles. Nietsche has said: “Life is a flat loop, everything would be repeated.” Blend of piano, electronic keyboards, guitars … as to our ascoustic pass out and lured the spring time we do not know, like we’re to repeat mode album, we hear again, or it is also operating so go on my course. Therefore, sometimes we do not need to sort this album in any genre of music do, Folk Rock ?, progressive Jazz ?,? It is simply the beauty and sophistication of the music that all ears can enjoy, and “enjoy” it in a wonderful way that music which often brings.

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