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The Hotrod’s subject Part 1 – upgrading suspension structure

While mention to 4-Wheel drive motors, people often think about the ability to climb wading streams Pass, crossing the desert or jungle … 4 Wheel drive off-road motors are going to be, but in fact less than 1/10 of 4WD can do that without the upgrade some critical parts affecting performance, durability and safety of vehicles.

In tens of thousands of components that make up a car, there are some parts that are replaced by the components of the manufacturers ‘aftermarket’ aka components manufacturers are not for plants, will change the quality of the car compared to newly manufactured. The remaining problem is to identify critical parts should be replaced to make the car better you are going to ship a new time and worth the money to invest in upgrading the car?

We will in turn consider upgrading piecemeal parts quality is important for all-terrain vehicle in order of priority include; suspension, clearance and electric winches, tires, differential lock and lights, air inlet tube, battery and salvage parts.

2 sport utility vehicle demand means greater ground clearance, higher focus than ground vehicles. So when the car rolled over rough roads, cornering at high speed damping unit plays a very important role for the comfort, stability and safety of vehicles. Suspension parts including 4 forks and springs or torsion bars for 2 front wheels and springs or spring for the rear wheels, in addition to the anti-vibration rubber washers. Few doubt that these parts are the most valued investment to upgrade first.

 If observing birds ostrich running on the rugged desert at speeds of 60 km / h, we will see two feet tall ostrich low will move along the ground while their heads remain on a straight-line translation. This is due to long legs with flexible joints keep the top stable, the suspension principle also for the same results.

Conversely, when the car moves on a bumpy road, if passengers being thrown under the pavement beneath excavation suspension due to insufficient destructive journey of ground forces to the wheels. Consequently, passengers soon will lose interest in traveling to discover on a vehicle suspension system worse.

Another defining characteristic a suspension system that is worth more than the suspension system according to the car’s original itinerary length and the ability to absorb large impact force to the wheels from the road surface. The length of the journey is the distance traveled by the wheel of high versus low horizontal axis when parking on a flat surface in no-load condition. The parts related to the length of the wheel itinerary includes fork, spring or springs, sometimes including horizontal or vertical bar interminable. Length of journey at large will help truck tilted and shaking under the pavement while traveling over uneven terrain, 4 wheel will operate almost independently, vehicle stability due emphasis from pests move more.

The department has a very simple structure look like springs, torsion bar springs, or if the material makes them (role of quality decision making) outperformed genuine accessories, the new design with two floors load mode helps to quiet the car is at any load yet. In particular, make driving safe feeling when cornering makes you more secure while the rear part of the phenomenon that came to the bridge across the slope will be completely destroyed.

Talking is long but replacing the suspension system is extremely simple, takes 2 to 4 hours depending on the type disassemble the car and absolutely not boring, welding or any other part of the vehicle. The replacement of the suspension does not affect the texture or the original design so you can be assured when the registry when tipping.

Certainly after upgrading your suspension will not bored psychology before going away, but instead is feeling floating under the natural beauty of the roadside.

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