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The simple and effective fitness exercises with weights

Fitness with weights is one of the methods of exercising muscles in the most effective bodybuilding. However, in order to strengthen the weight that you can lift weights, you can not just lay on benches and lifting weights as heavy as possible be. With this training, the weights for corruption will no longer scary anymore!

1. Pressing weightlifting barbell upright position

Collective action twice a week with a set from 2 to 5 sets and the rep is from 5 to 8 rep.

Stand straight with legs extended man by the shoulders. Both hands, grasp a barbell and lift weights under the chin position so your palms facing forward and separated by a distance slightly wider than shoulders. From here, put force on the spine and your hands to press the weights straight up overhead, the maximum expansion. Hold for a moment, then lowered the initial position.

2. Pressing the hip using weightlifting barbell

Collective action to match the intensity of the body, using this movement to strengthen the collective history.

Lie on your back on the floor with the barbell barbell spleen towards the hips. Bring your knees back to close buttocks so that you can lift people up a comfortable way. Get his hands on barbell, palms facing down. Using the heel to push your body up until the part from the knee to the bottom of your neck aligned. Hold for about a second and then lowered to the end. 6 bodybuilding movements with simple and efficient lifting!

3. separation maneuver to attack using weights Dumbbell

You can use this move as a way to launch before the collective body.

6 bodybuilding movements with simple and efficient lifting!

Stand up straight, feet shoulder width. Each hand grabbed a Dumbbell weights on the sides so that the two parallel lifting. Next, put the right foot forward and bend both knees so that your left knee almost touching the floor. Raise your body up while putting right foot on the original location. Perform all movements with the legs.

4. weightlifting barbell rowing motion hunched

Optimal duration of collective action will be from 3 to 5 sets, each set consisting of 5 to 8 rep.

Feet wider than shoulders, then bend your upper body forward so that your body forms a right angle. Both hands, grasp a barbell barbell placed in front of the legs, palms towards the rear. Hold this pose, and began rowing weights up to your stomach. Maintain this position for 1 second then relax your hands on the original position dau.6 bodybuilding movements with simple and efficient lifting!

5. The previous work with weights barbell down tons

Use gestures to supplement the training process.

Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width put. Both hands, grasp a barbell weights and lifting weights on his chest, using two fingers to spleen weights or knitting hands together. Perform movements to attack by pushing the butt back and bend the knee at the same time. Incremental capacity on the heel to push your body to the upright position.

6. Action of Shot Put palms placed very close

Use gestures to train triceps area diaphragm, implement an action on separate days.

Lie on your back in a chair set up with the legs placed equal sides. Your hands grasp a barbell weights, starting with his hand outstretched posture on the palms facing down. Lift the weights from the lower bracket and Weightlifting down slowly until the weights are hovering close to the chest. Shot on the starting position and repeat the movement tac.6 fitness activities with simple and efficient lifting!

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