UP IN THE AIR (2010) – Such a lonely star

Ryan Bingham (by George Clooney) who has worked a new job may be sound strange, it is going to lay off another one. Economic recession and the boss of the increasingly worse in the layoffs in a “delicate” accidentally brought great opportunities for companies of Ryan. And so because of work requirements, this man forced to fly most days of the year, but this did not upset him at all. In contrast, for Ryan, the airport back home his own familiar as such.

At left listening to logic, but the narrative leads us understand Ryan Bingham is someone who does not want a life constraints. Flying over 300 days a year, he hardly had any lingering bit of ground not to mention emotional piece fragile family that his sister tried to preserve. Ryan always said that as few relationships, life becomes easier. This is especially apparent when considering his side job, a known speaker as he Backpacks (Mr Backpack), visited many places talking to people away from the relationship and responsibility. With seductive monotone voice of George Clooney to death, the speaker seems to be a phenomenal job for characters. Admittedly, the article written by Ryan Bingham says in the film is an extremely prominent writers. Ourselves when watching films, listening to speeches that will be admired by every statement somewhat, interrupting each break, use of persuasive art perfectly.

“The Slower chúng move, the Faster We die. We are not swans, We Are sharks “

Your life weighs how much? Everyone has a backpack on his shoulders, and imagine, instead of books, clothes, bring your house, your car, everything, and then the relationship, people relatives, lovers. You seriously do not see?

It’s solid faith, a “philosophy” of Ryan, so one would expect that his dream is to reach ten million mile natural it becomes evident. Keener (Anna Kendrick plays), a reluctant partner to fly with Ryan asked: “Is not ten million miles is only a figure all?” And he responds immediately: “Then and only pi a figure that. ” We search for the perfect man model, we go to mimic a ridiculous lifestyle, but more simply go to be the man with a philosophy of life, with a goal of their own.

Ryan though in fact also noticed that he “saves some air miles just to add to the number of air miles” and himself his goals it has brought something vague, uncertain, but he pursued it to and by a belief that simple, it is dignity which he searched. The man feels bland when to stop, and all the more exciting when flying, be satisfied by proving desire to conquer. Of course, with Keener, Ryan dreamy thing again is not worth a penny, and with her, “you men will never be great, he likes to put his name on everything as if to piss all over this nonsense.” Not that she respects Ryan and his dream, simply we do not always see the same thing.

Ms. Keener was young, and so she does not share the philosophy is to live with “the old man” first gentleman Ryan Bingham hair the other two things. But Alex, a woman also have to fly a lot, a middle-aged woman successful and exciting experience. Meet at the Hilton, and then to do the same as had been used for a long time, enough so congenial. This might also be a fun analogy of psychological mature woman and the girl twenties just to experience life outside of school.

According to a certain aspect of life seemed to Ryan is too full, his favorite work, strive daily to achieve the dream, and more importantly, he is not to staunch any liability , just as he always wanted. But also the same person, a human lifetime to help people get rid of these commitments, binding, in a single facing similar thoughts as his, had to embarrassment. That’s when future brother in law, in a moment of sudden before the wedding to Ryan’s sister, had suddenly wondered: “What is the purpose?”
Well, what is? When people get married, and have children, and raise them to mature, self seeing myself aging, hair loss, obesity out, and die?

The conversation that changed everything, everything, completely collapsed as the belief that Ryan has long been living together. He realized that, sooner or later he will have time to land, and it was this time. Dropping out speech, he Balo catch all flights rushed to the home of Alex met her, only to realize that bitterness, he just stops, the rest of her station, not a constraint, not a responsibility, as he had intended.

The proximal end of the film is a series of scenes meaningful metaphor, that’s when Alex asked Ryan what he expects from the relationship of two people; That’s when Ryan suddenly knew he had reached the ten million miles that dream which he had no mind then nothing thinking, that’s when he realized he did not know what to say to the legendary Captain Finch Maynarch that only people in the club to meet new ten million miles …

This film is like a splintering sound of everything that Ryan once believed.

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